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Heart of Texas-nursing calfAlmost everyone has experienced a first love. More often than not, things don’t work out. People change- for better or worse, people move away and meet new people, people make mistakes. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s by choice, sometimes, it just happens. Our life path takes us down a different road.  Have you ever wondered what if you had a second chance? A first love creates a unique bond that transcends time, whether solely in our own mind, or in the minds of both people involved.

My debut novel is a story about the latter. Two people, one heart, divided by life and mistakes. I hope you’ll fall in love with Kayla and Dylan as they reconnect and find their way back to where they belong. Together.




Love is everywhere, but the special magic of real love is often elusive and frustrating to those who seek it. Be patient. Be willing to look into the heart of another person, for often true gems lie just beneath the surface.

Open your heart and listen to the music. It will know when the song is right.

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