Affaire de Coeur Cover Contest Winner!

Bitra_Affaire_1st placeMany thanks to Bree Archer for this amazing cover! It won first place in the Affaire de Coeur cover contest in not one, but two categories. Hot Guys and  Gorgeous Gals!! This is a first for Affaire de Coeur and I’m honored by the love and support from everyone that voted my cover to the top!


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Night Owl Romance Summer Fun!

Night Owl Romance_Summer Fun 2018

Night Owl Romance Summer Fun!

Hi Readers,

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Summer is here and the camping has slowed to a near halt. But in the

meantime, I’m planning a big clear water kayaking


and camping trip down in Florida. I’ve heard the best time to go is the second week in November to catch up with the maximum amount of Manatees before the waters are closed to boaters. The idea of kayaking up close with these gentle giant “sea cows” in crystal clear water has been on my to-do list for years. I’m planning on touring down the Gulf side of Florida and then crossing over toward Blue Springs State Park.