ROMANTIC SUSPENSE – (lightly sexy stories)


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Operation Repasado: Destroy the Night Hawk cartel

Raphael Lopez has been undercover on a joint mission between the DEA and the Peruvian authorities for almost two years, trying to destroy the Night Hawk cartel and bring down the “Untouchable” drug lord, Carlos Sanchez. For Raphael it’s more than a job—it’s revenge against the man who murdered his brother. The end of the mission is closing in, but when an American woman is captured, Raphael must protect her at all costs while maintaining his undercover identity.

Tara Morgan is an undercover reporter out to prove she can handle the dangers that come with the job. Her story was supposed to be straightforward; reveal the poverty-stricken conditions of the children living in an affluent drug world. But when she’s captured by the cartel, the story becomes a behind-the-scenes exposé on life as a cartel captive, complete with the pictures to guarantee its success. The only problem is she needs to escape if she ever plans on telling the story.

The growing attraction between Raphael and Tara breaks all the rules and has long-lasting consequences that will carry over even after her rescue. Back in the U.S., the two of them will have to face the truth and then trust their hearts to know what to do with the information.

Finalist 2015 50 percent