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An avid cruiser, DSCN0454most of my vacations are sailing the high seas and visiting other countries. I love the freedom to do as little as I want or as much I want. For me, it’s usually as little as possible. Normally, I spend sea days sitting in a shaded spot with a great view of the ocean. And I write.

When in port on the other hand, unless it’s a new country or some other special reason, I can usually be found headed for the warm Caribbean water and a beach. My favorite past time is sitting on the edge of the beach, waves breaking gently around me, a fruity concoction in hand.

No driving. No cooking. No cleaning. No worries.

I’ve been on eighteen cruises, so if anyone wants advice about any aspect of cruising, feel free to ask.




DSCN20630017Living in the country I get many great opportunities to take pictures of wildlife. They are all like pets to me and I’m very protective. For example, I love my hawks, but I insist they don’t attack my backyard birds. And yes, I have stared a hawk down bravely, while protecting an innocent bird that was momentarily injured. We have fox, groundhogs, raccoon, deer, snakes, lots of birds, squirrels, and an occasional opossum. I’ve smelled the skunks but prefer not to see them. I also feel inclined to include Hermione, the sweetest (although craziest) cat I know, who adopted us one dark and cold night. She showed up at our back door and when we let her in to keep her warm, she warmed our hearts when we weren’t looking. When no one claimed her, we officially became pet owners again.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the special photos from around the property. Feel free to share your own personal great photos of wildlife or your special pet family member/s.